Monday, May 10, 2010

Alive and Well!

The Clarks did survive Disney World if any of you were wondering what happened to us!! It really has been six months since I have blogged! But now that Mr. Paul has been so kind to fix my layout, maybe I'll keep up with this think more! Thank you so much Paul!

To update everyone on what's happening around here:

Ty is playing T-ball for the 1st time. He has one more game left Thursday night. He likes it when he gets to bat, but it's a little boring out in the field right now. He turns 5 next Monday!! Can not believe I have a child that is about to be 5 years old! The big party is Saturday. Once again, Thomas the Tank will be our party theme! Hey, whatever makes a kid happy, right? Who cares if it was last year's party! He wants the exact same cake and everything! Easy enough! Ty will also graduate from Little Friends Preschool Monday night! The theme is Rumble in the Jungle and it's a surprise for all the parents! He's learned his part, but he says it's a secret until Graduation! I can already feel the tears coming on!! You all know how I am!

Andrew is 20 months old!!!!!!! Need I say more!? He's into EVERYTHING that I don't want him in! He loves his family! He loves his Bella (little puppy), and he says her name better than any other name, except mama, of course! He will play ball for as long as I will let him. If he can get out the back door, he's going straight to the ball bucket where all of our balls and bats are kept under the carport. He will even get a golf club and try to hit his baseball with it! He climbs all over the swingset, and I've learned to just let him go. He doesn't cry too long! The sandbox has been our favorite place to be the last several weeks! He and his baby Bella will just lie in the sand together and love on each other!

My sweet little blessings!!! I love, love, love being their Mommy!!

Beach Trip last Friday!

Rivercats 2010!

Practice Game!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Getting Ready for Disney!

In about 6 hours we should be on our way! We have a 4 year old that can hardly contain himself! He is finally in the bed for the night.....we hope! Ty has been helping me pack and get everything ready....for awhile now! He helped me pack our food basket. I took one look at the basket and knew he must've cleared my cabinets. There were cans of chicken broth, cream of broccoli, cocoa, about 5 cake mixes, and anything else you could imagine!! I really don't know what he had in mind as far as meals, but I don't think we'll need quite everything. Here's a look at what he had packed.

Ty thought he needed to help Ben clean out the car Wednesday night. After about 30 minutes of them cleaning, this was Ty.

Grandaddy's 1st kill of the year!

Thank God Andrew's not getting a bowl cut!

Ben's white perch fishing trip.

Happy Birthday Mother & Daddy!

Hope to have lots of great pictures to show when we return! Now, I'm off to bed! Have to get some shut eye. 4:30 will be here in a hurry!

Sunday, November 22, 2009 update from the Clarks!

My Little Indian boy!

It's been so long since I've blogged, I may have forgotten how to do everything on here. I think I've updated everything on my profile and even the birthday tickers. So, maybe I'm good for at least 6 months on that!! (That's for you Ms. Sandra! I guess I can officially say I'm a stay-at-home mom now!!....No longer the 4th grade teacher!!)

Anyway, I guess the big news around here is that we're leaving for Disney World next Saturday!!!!!!! We're very excited to say the least. It's been about 20 years since I've been, and Ben has never been before, so it will be something our family will remember forever! (well, maybe not Andrew just yet) Ty has some new Mickey Mouse pj's and he is wondering if he can show Mickey his new pj's. I explained that Mickey would not get to see them, but he assures me that he will. I guess Ty thinks Mickey Mouse is going to be spending the night with us! Who knows?? We'll be heading out early, early, early Sat. morning. Our plan is to scoop the boys up out of the bed, and hopefully they will sleep for a long, long, long part of the ride. We'll see how that goes! Can't wait to see Ty's little face when he sees everything!

Ben has just finished his class this semester. He's been putting in alot of late nights getting his papers written. He just brought in a yellow post-it note with all but two of his assessment grades. I must say, so far so good.....All A's! I'm so proud of his determination to get his degree at such a busy time in his life!!

Andrew is everywhere! I mean, literally everywhere. He is now almost 15 months old. If I let him get out of my sight, I can just expect there to be some sort of mess to clean up. Right now, he's able to get into the kitchen cabinets. His favorite thing is to get his Puffs, take the lid off with his teeth, and dump them out all over the floor!! He has done that several times now! He's saying Ty & Da-Da really good.
He will say MaMa occasionally and today he said "bye" very clearly. He does not like for me to leave him at all. He is for sure a "Mama's boy" right now. Usually, if I'm getting ready to go somewhere, he's hanging onto me for dear life. He is quite the stinker!!

Ty is, well, still Ty!! He is loving Little Friends and Mrs. Katy! He had his Pow-
Wow last week and did such a good job! I loved watching my little Indian all dressed up in his Indian gear sing songs and do all the hand motions. Last month we had the 4-year old's Halloween party in our yard! We had games, a hayride and Trick-or-Treating! Lots of mamas and a few daddys helped get everything just right! I think all the children had a blast!
Ty is always saying something that is making me laugh. Usually if I say I'm sorry to him for something, he comes back with, "That's okay Mama, I know you didn't mean to." I could just eat him up when he says stuff like that. If he hurts himself playing, he'll come up to me and show me his boo-boo and he'll say, "It's alwight Mama, it just hurts a little." I know I need to be writing everything down, and I'm not. One day, I'll be trying to remember these sweet little words, and I won't be able to.

So much has gone on since the last post, but I'll just share a few of the latest pictures. I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving! Thank you Lord for blessing me with a wonderful husband who loves you and two healthy, precious children!
Ben & Ty at the fair. Ty rode it all this year!!

Ty and Ben at the Coterie Race

The Tinman & Incredible Hulk Trick or Treating!
Ben & the boys at the Coterie Race. Have no idea what Ty is doing and looks like Andrew has had all he can stand!!

Ty running in the Fun Run!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

One Year Old Already!

Well, it has been two months since my last post and LOTS of things have happened around the Clark house. We stayed busy all summer with many different things going on. Ty has started Little Friends Preschool and loves his teacher Mrs. Katie. He came home the second day and told me he had told Mrs. Katie he loved her. It's such a wonderful feeling knowing my child is with someone he loves when he's at school and away from his mama. Also, being a stay-at-home mom has been awesome so far. I shared with some ladies at ladies prayer group that I'm in a totally different frame of mind. I'm in such a better mood in the afternoons. I may be tired when Ben gets home, but it's a whole different feeling from before when I was teaching. I don't feel ill, and usually supper is DONE! That's a really good thing too!

Ty also had his 1st dentist visit and it went GREAT!! Dr. Worley's staff in Opp is wonderful. We had been reading The Berenstain Bears Go the Dentist to get him ready for our visit. He thought everything was going to be just like the story. When they took us back, Ty went to an exam room and I was taken to a different room. I asked the ladies if he was going to be ok. I really thought I had to be with him. They assured me he would be fine, and he was. I realize now, it probably worked out best for him not to be in the same room with me. When we got to the car to leave he said, "Mama, my dentist lady was great!" Well, Dr. Worley is a man, so he was talking about his dental hygenist. She was a cute, young girl and was so sweet to him. I think by the time we got to the door, he had talked to everyone of the ladies and even the receptionists. I wonder where he gets that?? And no cavities was great to hear too!

Andrew just celebrated his 1st birthday yesterday!! It doesn't seem possible. My, how time does fly! We had all the family on Saturday for the party. The weather cooperated, so we were able to play in the pool all afternoon. Thanks everybody for helping celebrate our sweet baby's 1st birthday.

He started walking at 11 months and is going everywhere. His little short legs can cover some ground in a hurry! His favorite things to "get into" is my spice cabinet and his garbage can. The salt and pepper shakers are the perfect fit for his little hands. He'll have a pepper mustache and I'll know where he's been! And I don't know why, but he loves the blue bags that I put his diapers in. He gets one and carries it all over the house. I finally tricked him the other day, and put tissue in a blue bag and put it in my spice cabinet. When he opened up the cabinet, he grabbed the bag and off he went. So instead of pulling out all of my little spices, he took the bag and was gone. He's now eating everything we eat! And, I mean everything. He can slurp down spaghetti noodles with the best of 'em! He could sit in his high chair all day and eat if I would let him. He's a very good eater. We keep telling Ty he's going to catch him. Not to mention, it is a little nice not to have to buy all that baby food.

Our church honored all the babies with a baby dedication service three weeks ago. It was wonderful. Bro. Matt's message was right on. What an awesome responsibility we've been given when we're blessed with these precious children. My prayer is that my children will always know how important it is to have a relationship with our Heavenly Father. I pray that we will bring our children up in the admonition of the Lord for the rest of our days. And that one day, if they are blessed with children, my grandchildren will be taught the importance of being in God's Word and in His will.

This past Sunday night was another very special service at church. Ben was ordained as a deacon. This was such a wonderful experience for us that we will never forget. (I am still sick over the fact that I did not have a camera or video camera with me.) Ben did have an idea though. He said we could put our same clothes back on and go back to church and take some pictures!! So, I don't know....maybe we will. I am so proud of him! I pray that he never loses his desire to stay in the Word and have that intimate relationship with the Lord. I just pray that when the trials come, we can put our complete faith and trust in our Lord and Savior and let him work instead of trying to take things in our own hands. It was such an awesome service!

I'm going to post some pictures from all the things that have been going on with us for the last two months. Hopefully, it won't be two months before I post again!

Andrew's Baby Dedication

Ty's First Day of School

End of Summer Beach Vacation ~ Destin

The water was still as a pool. It was perfect to play in. This was definitely the time to be there. Hardly anyone was there. The weather and water couldn't have been more beautiful!

We were so glad that Kristen, Maggie Ruth, and Jack could come down and enjoy the beach with us for a couple of days! Jack ate his share of the sand while he was there!

Maggie Ruth and Ty laying out by the pool!

Check out this adorably cute couple!

Andrew's Play Cake

Amy and the Bobsey Twins~ Allie and Emma

I see a fight in the works already

4th of July

Swim Day with John Luke and Sawyer

Family Beach Trip in July~ Destin

Ty loves to help clean the house. He'll make up his mind to do something and I won't even know he's doing it.

Ty and Ben were working on a project. He has to get his tools out and work right alongside his Daddy.